International Education

Program Locations & Resources

Program Locations & Resources

Studying abroad can bring lots of new experiences – and there is a lot of preparation that goes into it before you get on the plane!  You should do some research weeks before you depart, and this page is meant for your international research.

Department of State

The US Department of State has several resources for students planning to participate in a program abroad.  While some of the advice is for individuals planning to travel alone or on a program where the logistics are up to the individual to plan, and therefore not applicable to most West Coast University international education programs, it is a wonderful starting point as you plan for your experience.  Click on the links below to begin your adventure!

Students Abroad:

DOS Travel Info:

Program Location Links

West Coast University currently has programs in Panamá, Belize, Argentina, Spain, South Korea, Nicaragua, South Africa and the United Kingdom. Below are some culture-specific resources for you to explore before your trip to one of these countries:






United Kingdom