Online MPH Program - Master of Public Health

Learning Outcomes

MPH - Master of Public Health - Learning Outcomes

Upon graduation online students should be able to:

As an interdisciplinary professional program, MPH graduates will possess the knowledge, skills and aptitude to:

  1. Assess the elements to improve health outcomes and systems through planning, implementation and evaluation of health programs for individuals and populations.
  2. Analyze essential services that public health programs provide to protect and improve the health of populations.
  3. Apply research tools and analytical methods to critically analyze, monitor and assess the health status of populations, utilizing qualitative and quantitative research methodology.
  4. Determine the impact of policies and legislation on individual and population health; while navigating the legal, regulatory and organizational impact they have on the health care system.
  5. Construct public health, cross-cultural community-based programs, using behavioral science and health promotion methods
  6. Create communication approaches for lay and interprofessional audiences using epidemiologic methods to analyze patterns of disease and injury
  7. Justify the relationship between environmental factors and community health; and plan solutions for environmental health problems.
  8. Assemble a network of professional alliances to address social determinants of health and health disparities.