LPN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Florida)

Why earn a BSN when you have an LPN?

LPN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (Florida) - Why earn a BSN when you have an LPN?

"44% of hospitals require newly employed nurses to have a BSN."1

"The IOM (Institute of Medicine) report has a goal of increasing the proportion of employed nurses with a BSN or higher to 80% by 2020."2

"71% of hospitals preferentially hire new graduate BSNs."2

What is an LPN to BSN Bridge Program?

WCU's LPN to BSN program provides an opportunity to earn your Bachelor of Science and Nursing in a accelerated format. Earning your Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree can potentially enhance your career outlook.

LPN to BSN Degree at West Coast University in Miami

Complete West Coast University Miami’s LPN to BSN program in as little as 34 months. WCU can match your passion for the nursing profession with a focused healthcare education. We’ll help you build proficiency and confidence in a truly collaborative environment that blends theory and simulation with hands-on community involvement.

Continuing Education

After graduation, WCU supports its graduates by providing them ongoing discounted CEs through a complimentary membership to our partner company Contemporary Forums.

1 American Association of Colleges of Nursing: Employment for New Nurse Graduates and Employer Preferences for Baccalaureate Prepared Nurses, November 2013
2 Florida Center for Nursing: Demand for Nurses in Florida, January 2014