About Us

Ahead of the curve for over 100 years.

Welcome to West Coast University. For over 100 years, West Coast University has been educating and preparing students for professional careers. Today, WCU is committed to a unique student-centric approach to advanced healthcare education—combining critical thinking with hands-on experience to put our students “ahead of the curve.”

Across our six modern facilities in Southern California, Texas, and Florida, we offer focused undergraduate degree programs in nursing and dental hygiene, as well as master's and doctorate programs in nursing, health administration, occupational therapy, physical therapy and pharmacy.

About Us

Being Ahead of the Curve

Each day, medical techniques and technology make impressive strides forward—while the need for confident, prepared professionals continues to grow. At West Coast University, our objective is to help prepare graduates for a career in healthcare that is responsive to the demands of those in the communities we serve, as well as those around the globe.

We strive to help each student grow professionally and personally, becoming highly skilled professionals and healthcare leaders. Along the way, we provide a dynamic educational experience designed to build both proficiency and confidence.  It’s why we say WCU graduates are educated, prepared, and proud.